Game 3 – Rush @ Blue Sox (6/29/21)

Michael Alan started against the Rush in a battle for first place. MA pitched 4 innings against the Rush allowing 3 hits and 3 runs with 5 strike outs retiring the last 7 batters in a row. The Blue Sox secured the win and sole possession of first place in the Power Summer Collegiate League Standings.

1st Inning: 5:10
2nd Inning: 34:16
3rd Inning: 57.05
4th Inning: 1:10:00

Pulled Up to the POWER

Michael Alan was given the opportunity to play for the POWER Saturday evening against the Inland Valley Pirates. MA was brought in to relieve in the 6th. He faced four batters, striking out 2, allowing one hit, ending the inning with a fly-out.

6th Inning: 1:53:20

PS Power Baseball Opening Day

Michael Alan Stanford made an impressive first appearance for the Blue Sox in the Palm Springs Power Summer Collegiate League. The left-handed Stanford came out as starting pitcher against the Chill in the League’s first game of the summer and in his first game in 15 months, because of the pandemic. He faced 12 batters in 3 innings, racking up 8 strikeouts—with 7 batters going down swinging. For his part, Stanford allowed 0 runs and only 1 of the Chill’s 4 hits. The 6’4” left-handed pitcher managed to strike out 5 batters in a row between the first and second innings, all on fastballs. Stanford didn’t have to resort to his breaking ball until his sixth and seventh strikeouts. His fastball was clocked at 86, but the low 90s aren’t far off.

Stanford’s match-up against lefty batters was decent, striking out the first left-handed batter he faced in the first inning but walking the Chill’s lefty Santiago Sandoval in the second. He recovered quickly, however, getting a K on a called third strike on the next batter, stranding that BB on first.

The performance from Stanford on this first outing was solid. He remained in command on the mound throughout most of his three innings and gave a formidable showing overall.

1st Inning: 7:02
2nd Inning: 25:25
3rd Inning: 43:00